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The 19th China International Cement Equipment Exhibition of Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Costume

Delivery time: 2019-06-12
From April 11 to 13, 2018, the 19th China International Cement Technology and Equipment Exhibition was held at the Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Hebei Xinsida Motor, as a research and development and manufacturing unit of permanent magnet direct drive motor in cement industry, participated in the exhibition. At present, China's cement industry has low concentration, small enterprise scale, serious overcapacity in some regions, excessive competition in the market, low technology content and high energy consumption, which lead to low profit level of the whole cement industry. With the acceleration of industrial transformation and upgrading process in China, high-end technology and equipment manufacturing technology continues to innovate and develop. As a product of scientific and technological innovation, permanent magnet direct drive motor fills the demand of new products and new technologies for equipment in cement industry. If China's cement industry wants to go further and go longer, it is necessary to strictly adopt new products and new technologies, stimulate the production vitality and technological creativity of enterprises, optimize production structure and improve production efficiency. Permanent magnet direct drive motor can save energy and green hair for cement industry. The exhibition provides dynamic support and promotes technological progress in the industry.

In recent years, Hebei Xinsida Electric Co., Ltd. has increased its investment in R&D of new products and technologies, and actively carried out industry transformation and upgrading. According to the industry characteristics, equipment characteristics and market trends, starting from 2012, we have established strategic cooperation with scientific research institutions and universities, introduced and went out, and independently developed and manufactured permanent magnet direct drive motor series products to meet the needs of the current cement industry. Permanent magnet direct drive motor is an advanced technology product adapted to the current industry development. By simplifying the traditional transmission system, adopting new energy-saving materials and advanced manufacturing technology, and putting into operation in multi-industry and multi-industry and mining environment, the product is safe and convenient to use, meets the production needs, improves production efficiency and has remarkable energy-saving effect. In this exhibition, Xinsida Motor fully demonstrated the actual industrial and mining operation of permanent magnet direct drive motor in cement industry, such as grinder, flour separator, hoist and belt conveyor, which attracted extensive attention of many cement enterprises at home and abroad.


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