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Mine Explosion-proof Permanent Magnet Direct-drive Motor for the Thirteenth Yulin Coal Expo in 2018

Delivery time: 2019-06-14
On September 12, 2018, the 13th Yulin International Coal and High-end Energy and Chemical Industry Exposition, co-sponsored by the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee, Yulin Municipal People's Government, Shaanxi Provincial Trade Promotion Association and Shaanxi Provincial Commerce Department, opened on the west side of Yulin Municipal Committee. More than 100 domestic and foreign guests from more than 20 countries took part in the opening ceremony, affirming the greater influence of Yulin International Coal Expo at the international level.

Yulin International Coal Expo has been successfully held for 12 sessions. It is one of the major annual events in Yulin and the first regional brand in the coal industry. This Coal Expo continues its brand advantages and relies on Yulin's resource advantages. It highlights six major features of the Expo, including professionalism, innovation, internationality, high-end, authority and effectiveness. Under the guidance of the five development concepts of "innovation", "coordination", "green", "openness" and "sharing", it vigorously promotes the supply of coal industry. Side structural reform will promote exchanges and industrial development in the coal industry, and strive to create another large-scale, high-specification, professional and international energy event.
In order to fully display new technologies, new equipment and new technologies in the fields of coal mining, energy and chemical industry, energy saving and emission reduction, and power and environmental protection, we have demonstrated the characteristics of Yulin, promoted the exchanges and cooperation between the countries along the belt and the achievements of Yulin's development and construction in recent years. Technology exhibition area and county city exhibition area and other content, and invited a number of "one belt and one road" representatives of countries to visit. As the highest-grade, largest and most extensive coal energy industry event in China's coal industry, the current Yulin International Coal Expo has exhibited an area of over 30,000 square meters and 362 exhibiting enterprises, including 8 international enterprises, 31 top 100 coal enterprises and more than 300 coal equipment enterprises, including more than 6,000 square meters of indoor exhibition area, more than 400 standard exhibition areas and 24,000 outdoor exhibition areas. Pingmi, with more than 100 special booths.
Hebei Xinsida Motor Co., Ltd. and STYB/TBYF series of mine flameproof permanent magnet frequency conversion direct drive motors independently developed by the company participated in the coal exposition, which attracted many visitors and users. Through on-site exhibition and technical personnel explanation, our company explained in detail the doubts of the vast number of users and aroused the strong interest of many users.

STYB, TBVF series mine flameproof permanent magnet direct drive frequency conversion motor is a new product and technology. The product uses energy-saving rare earth materials, changes the traditional transmission mode of equipment, eliminates the intermediate auxiliary transmission equipment of reducer, reduces the breakdown point of the whole system, the direct drive equipment runs safely and reliably, basically realizes maintenance-free. The products have successively been in Kailuan Group, Shandong Jujube Mine and Shenzhen. Many coal mining enterprises, such as Huoguan Group, have put into use, and the comprehensive electricity saving rate is 15% - 20%.


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