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Our company undertakes the acceptance of the municipal heavy-duty motor engineering technology center

Delivery time: 2019-06-15
On December 22, 2018, the Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Bureau organized and presided over the acceptance team, inviting relevant experts to form an acceptance group, and checked and accepted the construction task of Shijiazhuang Heavy Electric Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center (No. 168080177A) undertaken by Hebei Xinsida Electric Co., Ltd. The experts attended the meeting listened to the summary report made by the undertaking units, reviewed the report on the final accounts of funds and other relevant information, inspected the scene, after questioning and discussion, the center completed the indicators of the mission statement, and improved the innovation ability and new product transformation ability of enterprises. The acceptance team agreed to pass the acceptance.

During the construction of "Shijiazhuang Heavy Electric Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center" undertaken by Hebei Xinsida Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., two provincial projects, one municipal project and six self-research projects were undertaken, one invention patent, eight utility model patents and one appearance patent were obtained, one third prize of China Machinery Industry Federation for scientific and technological progress was awarded, two academic papers were published, and the formulation was presided over. There are 2 industry standards and 6 new products and processes. The new test area of the center is 400 square meters, with a total area of 1400 square meters. Eight sets of instruments and equipment are purchased, of which two sets are more than 300,000 yuan. Four technicians were introduced, six graduate students and 30 undergraduate students were trained, three cooperative research projects were carried out, two industry academic conferences were held, and two engineering and technical committees were held. The center has formulated seven systems, such as intellectual property management, science and technology research and development cost management, and formed a relatively perfect operation mechanism and management system.


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