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Wound-Rotor 3-phase Asynchronous Motor Series YRQ

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    This series adopts a protection class IP23 for its enclosure; a cooling mode IC01; and ordinarily adopts a structuring and mounting mode IMB3. And we can design it into a vertical mount as required by customers.
The series YRQ guarantees, at rated voltage, the ration of the maximum torque to rated torque not less than 1.8.
A starting rheostat must be connected into the rotor circuit in advance before the series YRQ is started, the starting mode based on short direct connection to rotor windings may not be allowed.
    The series YRQ is a wound (cast aluminum) rotor 3-phase asynchronous motor meeting technical specifications of ministerial standard JB563-64, which can drive ventilator, compressor, water pump, crusher, ball mill, cutting machine, transportation machinery and other equipment and can be used as a primary mover in mechanical industry, power station and various industrial & miming enterprises. The ratings of the series are based on the values in continuous duty (S1): power 50HZ, rated voltage 220V/380V, 380V, 3000V & 6000V. And we can design motors with voltage rating 3300V/10000V as required by customers. 

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