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3-phase Squirrel-cage Rotor Asynchronous Motor Series YSQ

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    The series YSQ is a kind of 3-phase squirrel-cage rotor asynchronous motor meeting technical specifications in the ministerial standard JB563-64, which can drive a variety of machineries, e.g. ventilator, compressor, water pump, crusher, ball mill, cutting-off machine, transportation machinery and other equipmentand can be used as a primary mover in mechanical industry, power station and various industrial & miming enterprises. The ratings of the series are based on the values in continuous duty (S1): frequency 50HZ, rated voltage 220V/380V, 380V, 3000V & 6000V. Voltage rating 3300V/10000V also can be produced as required by customers. 
    This series adoptsprotection class IP23 for enclosure, cooling mode IC01, andIMB3mode for structuring &mounting. Moreover, we can design vertical mountas required by customers.
    Series YSQ guarantees, at rated voltage, the ration of the maximum torque and rated torque is 1.6.

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